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A seasonal selection of recent Patrons Project IPAs, in their many forms. Currently on rotation:
  • 2 x 21.07 SKGN // DREAM LINE FORMS: 7 // DDH DIPA // 8.4% 

    The Gold Edition of SKGN’s Dream Forms series. Along the way we had help from the likes of Neon Raptor (UK), Stigbergets (SWE), and Collective Arts (CAN), and for the final edition we’re joined by two of our favourite breweries of recent times, Lancashire’s Rivington and Glasgow’s Overtone who have nominated some of their favourite hops. 

    Idaho 7 brings apricot, papaya, and punchy resin, with juicy tangerine from El Dorado pellet & Cryo. Cashmere contributes its zesty lime character to complete a tropical fruit salad, all over an oat-forward malt bill provides the style’s customary pillowy mouthfeel - even at a modest ABV. 

  • 2 x 22.04 INDEPENDENT NORTH // WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME // UBUNTU "I AM BECAUSE WE ARE" // TROPICAL IPA // 7.4%. The best kind of chats with friends are those ones where you come away with your face aching from all the laughing and smiling, despite the fact you’ve been putting the world to rights about real subjects. no small talk. That’s exactly what listening to Why Didn’t You Tell Me feels like - serious topics under a surface layer of fun - and that’s what we wanted to represent in this beer. A big, fun, tropical fruit salad with a serious beer at its core. A grist of super pale barley and oats, infused with lactose, and hopped with Citra and Idaho 7 gives a juicy citrus, creamy IPA. Into that we crammed in 180g/l of fruit to really amp up the tropical flavours - using Mango, Passion Fruit, and Pineapple as a nod to Thierry, Felix, and Tinashe’s Rwandan, Malawian, and Zimbabwean backgrounds for a real cocktail of culture. This beer represents the best of their shared Bantu culture; Bantu peoples are the speakers of Bantu languages, comprising several hundred indigenous ethnic groups in Africa. These groups are spread over a vast area from Central Africa across the African Great Lakes to Southern Africa.


  • 2 x 27.03 BRITISH CULTURE ARCHIVE // CROWD FOR THE SUMMER // WYLAM BREWERY // DDH IPA // 7.4%.    For the third installment of our British Culture Archive series that showcases British hops, we brought in Geordie beer legends Wylam - a no-brainer considering their reputation for a midas touch with all things hop-forward. We dialed the dry-hop up to an equivalent of 32 g/l and, with some gentle support from Citra Incognito, El Dorado, and Amarillo for their distinct orange juice and pineapple notes, but ensuring to put the under-appreciated UK hop Ernest in the spotlight. Ernest combines notes of apricot with a distinctively British spice character.