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Our recent collaboration with House of Fu in Leeds is a sessionable pale body, softened with the addition of jumbo oats and some white wheat to give a crisper finish than a usual pale. We added cucumber to play into the popular cucumber salad but also to bring a refreshing character to help with some of the spicier notes on the menu. We paired Yuzu and a little lemon to bring some acidity to help cut through the fat within the broth and also hopped the beer with lots of Talus which is a very new but super sought-after hop that brings loads of Lemon and sharp tropical notes.

The bundle contains:

  • 1 x 440ml Cucumber & Yuzu Pale 
  • 1 x House of Fu Glass

4.2% ABV // 8 EBC // 10 IBU // 1.042 OG // 440ML

INGREDIENTS: Water, Malted BARLEY (GLUTEN), Oats (GLUTEN), Wheat (GLUTEN), Hops, Yeast, Yuzu, Cucumber, Lemon