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This bundle offers a secret selection of our recent Patrons Exclusive Agents.
  • 2 x SECRET AGENT MACAROON // CHOCOLATE, CHERRY, COCONUT IMPERIAL STOUT // 10.5%.  Rich imperial stout with coconut, sweet cherry, and cacao. All the pleasure of a macaroon, zero coconut stuck in your teeth. 
  • 2 x AGENT CONTAINS NUTS // MANGO & PEANUT SOUR // 4.6%  Perhaps not an obvious flavour combination, striking a careful balance between mango and peanut butter creates enough juxtaposition to make both flavours sing. Mango's tartness cutting through the toasted fattiness of the peanut, and its sweetness harmonising with the nut's salty umami character. A Kveik & Idaho 7 Pale Ale serves as the base, soured with mango puree before being rested on peanut and vanilla for a brilliantly complex, but very sessionable, sour beer. Trust us.
  • 2 x SECRET AGENT KELIS // HOP-SHAKE IPA // 6.3%  HBC 630 is a new experimental variety out of the Yakima chief development programs. It's complex and fruity, with Sweet Fruits and Berries like Raspberry and Cherry, along with sweet candy-like esters and lactones giving creamy notes of peach and banana. We've used a touch of lactose and a sprinkle of tropical powerhouse Citra to accentuate this and to create a beer that delivers flavours reminiscent of fruity milkshake IPAs, solely from the hops.