Northern Monk Brew Co.


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5.4% ABV // 1.061 OG // 6 EBC // 18 IBU // 440ML

INGREDIENTS: Water, Malted BARLEY (GLUTEN), Malted WHEAT (GLUTEN), OATS (GLUTEN), Rice, Hops, Yeast, LACTOSE (MILK), Vanilla, Matcha

A clean crisp Rice lager building off the recipe for OFS009 but with a twist inspired by our brewer Adam’s trip to Japan last year where he tried matcha Ice cream for the first time. The Matcha brings its iconic lemon-lime and a light bitter herbal vibe to this recipe with some Lactose and vanilla used to round out the base to give a sweeter finish.


In 2014 we opened the doors to the Old Flax Store, a Grade II listed building that we found and renovated into the home of Northern Monk.

We grew significantly in the years to follow, but the Old Flax Store remains the heart of the operation. If you’ve ever visited us here, you’ll know that you can look through the ground floor window to see our original tanks still in operation. This is where we brew our smaller, more limited releases.

2020 marks the year that we launch a brand-new beer series, a series dedicated to the exploratory, small-batch nature of brewing at OFS. We’ve released beers exclusive to the Old Flax Store before, but we’ve given this series a whole new identity.

The Old Flax Store Special series will push the boundaries of our brewing, allowing us to be completely experimental in approach. Since these beers will be limited in quantity, we’ve restricted can sales to two per person, to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to try them.

We don’t expect these beers to hang around for long, so be quick if a release catches your eye. Follow our social media channels to make sure that you don’t miss out on a launch.